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Gentleman John Kleinhen
   - Colonial Rope Making
Rope was an important staple of Early American life – from rigging ships and securing tents to tying livestock or sometimes just for the fun of jumping. John shares his collection of historical hand crank rope makers and demonstrates the different methods of twisting cord or twine into rope. Come give it a turn!

Kathy Kolacz
   - Beads: from Barter to Beauty in Early America
Colorful beads have been used throughout history as a source of barter (trade) for goods people wanted. During the fur trade era in America, glass beads were traded with the Native Americans for animal pelts and food by the Europeans. These beads were often used to create beautiful items of clothing and jewelry and are still popular today. Children in the class will make their own bead necklaces to wear.

Laura Eichelberg & Kathy Kolacz
   - From Fiber to Yarn and Beyond
Laura and Cathy will demonstrate the historic methods of preparing fiber into yarn and some of the many things created from it. They will show the cleaning, carding and spinning necessary to prepare fibers such as sheep wool, buffalo hair, silk, flax, rabbit fur and dog hair for use in weaving, crocheting and knitting. This was a job many colonial children helped their mothers with.

Doyle Blooding "the Game Guy"
   - Legends and Lore from Ireland and Native America
Doyle will share storytelling and songs from both sides of the ocean popular with children in Colonial America. From funny to scary, these tales were used to entertain and teach kids lessons in ways they wouldn't forget…you won't either!
Sarah Moore
   - Colonial Children's Games
Sarah will demonstrate several lively games popular with Early American children. You'll also learn how to make some of these from things you can easily and inexpensively find today. Prepare to get up and join the fun!

Sarah Moore & Company
   - Straw Dive for Buried Treasure
You've heard of "finding a needle in a haystack" and probably think it might be hard. Well, you're right. This is the colonial version of a popular party game. Everyone will get a chance to dig through the straw pile for hidden items – arrowheads, candy, coins, toys & other goodies will be mixed in with the slippery straw. Finders keepers!

Bonita Bent Nelson
   - Learning to Sew Your Own Book
Learn about how paper and books were made during the 18th century when reading first became popular for most of society. You'll see paper made from many different kinds of fiber, from the standard cotton & linen to those made from lily leaves and grass and how they are used. You'll also see how a hardback book is bound. Everyone will get to make their own simple sewn pamphlet with a decorative paper cover.

Bonita Bent Nelson
   - Hands-on History of the Great Lakes Fur Trade: What Brought People to the Area
You'll learn about the people who lived in the rich marshes of the Kankakee before the Europeans arrived and how their lives changed afterwards. Bonita will share her collection of historic fur trade items including 300 year old trade beads from Ft. St. Joseph, copper trade items, beaver pelts, silver brooches, tools, and many other items popular during this period. Feel history in your hands.

Tom Sharkey and Friends
   - Life & Times of the Early Traders & Trappers
Learn woods lore and hunting skills that helped early woodsmen and explorers survive in the wilderness. Fire starting, hunting and shelter building were all important things to know if you were going to make it in the Grand Kankakee Marsh.