Blue Going Green
Blueberry FestivalLabor Day WeekendSeptember 4 - 7, 2015Plymouth, Indiana
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Blue Goes Green in 2015

The Marshall County Blueberry Festival started its recycling efforts in 2008. Since then, we’ve diverted literally TONS of trash into recycling. In case you’re wondering, all Blueberry waste that isn’t recycled gets landfilled just a few miles away (literally)! Yuck!

In 2015 we continue to encourage all our Festival patrons, vendors, and volunteers to recycle your bottles and cans. We’ve placed recycling containers all over the park for your convenience. Before you toss that can or bottle, make sure you’ve located a recycling bin and throw your EMPTY container in there. Thanks!

All over the country, festivals large and small are "going green," taking steps to cut down on trash headed for the local landfill. We at Blueberry are doing our part to keep our event clean and green! In 2014 we recycled 7.2 tons, that's a lot of plastic, cans and cardboard. Thanks to all who recycled!

Thank you to our "Recycling Sponsor" PNC Bank. Located here in Plymouth, PNC Bank has been our recycling sponsor since our efforts started in 2008. Over thirty-nine (39.1) tons of recycled plastic, cans and cardboard have been diverted from our local landfill. Thank you for recycling in 2015!
Thank you to Coca-Cola Bottling Company for awarding the Blueberry Festival a grant in 2013 purchase new recycling bins. With these additional bins, we are able to provide more opportunities for Festival goers to recycle and keep even more recyclables out of our area landfill!
Here's what we have recycled since our campaign began.
'09 - 3 Tons    '10 - 6.45 Tons    '11 - 8.25 Tons    '12 - 6.8 Tons    '13 - 7.4 Tons    '14 - 7.2 Tons

We need your help! Show your Community Spirit by helping Blue go Green in 2015!

Recycle all you can at the Festival, and if you want to be more involved, become a member of the Green Team to help promote recycling throughout the Festival.

Contact the Blueberry office for more information, or Marianne Peters, Blueberry Festival Recycling Coordinator, at

The fun fact is...
American colonists made gray paint by boiling blueberries in milk.